Sunday, October 08, 2006

Access to Research - FAO Agora

The United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has launched the second phase of its Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA) initiative.

AGORA was introduced in 2003, contributing the UN Millenium Development Goals. A public-private partnership between the FAO and 37 international science publishers, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), Cornell University, and other key partners, the aim of AGORA is to provide access to 69 low-income countries. The second phase expands that access to include universities and other higher education institutions, as well as government ministries and non-governmental organizations in an additional 37 middle income countries.

Eligible institutions are invited to subscribe, which involves registering for a free 3 month trial and then paying an annual subscription of US$1000. All subscription income is then re-invested into local training initiatives.

In its press release, the FAO describes AGORA as "closing the knowledge gap." AGORA is a notable manifest response to the importance of information in economic development.

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