Friday, June 30, 2006

European Patent Office - Annual Report Now Available

The European Patent Office (EPO) today published its Annual Report for 2005.

In his Foreword to the Report, Professor Alain Pompidou, President of the EPO, emphasises the quality of patents as a critical issue: "Quality is a key to the future of the European patent system."

As well as the quality debate, Professor Pompidou highlights the political, cultural, and ethical context in which technologies are patented. In this area, the Scenarios project is an important initiative of the EPO. In this project, the EPO has undertaken extensive interviews internationally with users, experts, and critics. I was interviewed as part of this project earlier this year.

The material arising from these interviews will be compiled and published in 2007, as the basis for future policy development in Europe for 2020. As Pompidou states, "By systematically examining and analysing the material it has gathered, the Office hopes to establish meaningful scenarios for the future development of the patent system."

The Annual Report is available on the website as well as in hard copy by emailing

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