Tuesday, June 20, 2006

EU Presidencies Biotechnology Roundtable

An EU Biotechnology Policy Roundtable was held in Helsinki today, ahead of the European mid-term review of the Biotech Strategy, expected later this year. Jointly organised by the 2006 EU Presidencies of Austria (outgoing, January-June 2006) and Finland (incoming, July-December 2006), the event follows a Competition Day (competition policy), organised yesterday in Vienna.

In a press release of the co-organisers of the Roundtable, biotechnology was described as a "core part" of the EU Lisbon strategy. Importantly, the Roundtable considered the need for improvements to the regulatory system for biotechnology, as a key factor for approximating predictability in what is a rapidly advancing and often "incomparable" technology and market. Similarly, greater translation of medical biotechnology developments into consumer benefits calls for "closer integration of user interests or the entire health care system into technology development," said Ms Paula Nybergh, Director General for Technology Policy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Finland.

Further information is available from:
Chief Counsellor Pekka Lindroos, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Finland, +358 1606 3597 or pekka.lindroos@ktm.fi

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