Friday, March 10, 2006

Co-existing - Disharmony?

More on co-existence in Europe, NGO GM Watch today has described the approach as "wait-and-contaminate." As mentioned in the post of 3 March, Europe has stalled on moves towards legislating on co-existence, with the 76 page Commission report made available today. The comment is in response to a Friends of the Earth media briefing which calls for greater attention to the production of non-GM and organic crops and the facilitation of those distinct markets and agricultural products, which may be threatened by contamination from GM crops.

The European Commission together with the Austrian Presidency of the Council is to hold a Freedom of Choice on co-existence is to be held in Vienna, 4-6 April. An NGO-March planned for the event, citing widespread public concern over the practical possibility of co-existence. It is expected that environmental NGOs, farmers' organisations, citizen and consumer groups, and other sectors of civil society will be involved in what is described as a meeting "crucial for the future of GMO-free agriculture in Europe."

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