Friday, March 10, 2006

Access to Knowledge Conference - Yale

Next month I will be speaking at the Yale Information Society Project (ISP) conference on Access to Knowledge, 21-23 April 2006. The event will cover a range of knowledge industries and issues of access, and I will be speaking in the panel on Agriculture and GM Crops.

The Access to Knowledge campaign is concerned with the "balance" or otherwise in intellectual property systems, strategic negotiations of intellectual property rights, and publishing and access initiatives that have emerged in recent years. A draft Treaty on Access to Knowledge has been produced by a growing coalition of civil society organisations in response to an increasing awareness and concern for cultural life and the necessary participation with and access to the knowledge tools necessary for social, cultural, and economic development.

A significant milestone in this debate was the Future of WIPO Meeting in Geneva, 2004, from which emerged the Declaration on the Future of WIPO with over 600 signatures. At this same meeting, representatives from Argentina and Brazil spoke on the proposal that was the basis for the adoption of the development agenda at the 31st Session of the WIPO General Assembly.

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